If you’re a new player to the world of online poker, or at least if you’re still new to the PokerStars poker room, then CGM.ru has a special offer in store for you. With PokerStar’s help, CGM has organized a number of freerolls for beginners. You will get a chance to play their games and possibly win some prizes, all without investing a single dollar from your pocket.

The free roll you’re going to be able to take part in is basically a tournament where you play against other poker players, just as new to the online game as you are. It’s called a free roll because you don’t have to pay in order to participate in it, as someone else is providing the prizes. CGM.ru does this for you, putting up the prizes and giving you access to a number of freerolls, as long as you register as the instructions below mention.

Why you should choose CGM.ru’s freerolls over others

The answer is easy enough to answer. The main reason would simply be the fact that the prizes are better for the freerolls offered by CGM.ru through PokerStars, than they are for other freerolls available there. You will find that there is one available every single day, giving you 7 chances each week to win cash without investing any money of your own. Also, you will play against other players sent by CGM.ru, they will be beginners without a previous PokerStars account and they will speak the same language as you do, so it should prove a fun experience as well.

How to register to CGM freerolls at PokerStars

As I’ve mentioned above, you will need to create a new account at PokerStars, letting them know in the process that you’ve been sent by CGM.ru. You start out by deleting the browser’s cookies, or by using a different browser than your regular one. Next, you have to download the software offered by PokerStars, by visiting this link. You will have to register for a new account with the software, and on the last page you will get the chance to use a marketing code. Use CGMRUS in that field, and then click on Create Account to get access to PokerStars.

Locating CGM’s freerolls

Once you’ve registered and you’re logged in, navigate to the Tournaments tab of the poker room, and then do a search for the word “cgm”. You will notice a list of freeroll tournaments listed, along with others that you have to pay for to get in.cgm freerolls list

Types of CGM freerolls

CGM freerolls take place every single day of the week, though you do get some variety since there are three types of tournaments that are organized. These are all exclusive to CGM.ru sent players.

First there is the CGM-PokerSuperGame, taking place on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. On Thursday you get just the $40 special, but the other two days come with $100 Specials and with $100 Added Freerolls. The total here is 131 freerolls.

On Mondays and Friday’s, you get a chance to play for access to Special events that take place during the weekend. The CGM Saturday Micro Special $33 event has 10 tickets available on Monday, so you can fight to get in against the other players. As for the Sunday event, it’s the CGM Storm Special, with a $110 prize fund, and you can win one of the 10 tickets for it if you play on Friday. These two days get a total of 87 freerolls.

The Tuesday and Wednesday CGM freerolls have $33 prize funds each, for a total of $66. A total of 88 tournaments are available in total.

More info on CGM daily freerolls and how to register